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March 4, 2007

U.S. sees 19 percent rise in emissions over 20 years

This article is from the Associated Press

“WASHINGTON – By 2020, the United States will emit almost one-fifth more gases that lead to global warming than it did in 2000, increasing the risks of drought and scarce water supplies.

That projection comes from an internal draft report from the Bush administration that is more than a year overdue at the United Nations. The Associated Press obtained a copy Saturday.

The United States already is responsible for roughly one-quarter of the world’s carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse” gases that scientists blame for global warming.

The draft report, which is still being complete, projects that the current administration’s climate policy would result in the emission of 9.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases in 2020, a 19 percent increase from 7.7 billion tons in 2000.

Doing more than slowing the growth rate of greenhouse gas emissions, which remains the administration’s stated goal, will be decided “as the science justifies,” according to the draft report. The biggest source of the gases is the burning of fossil fuels, chiefly oil, coal and natural gas.

But an authoritative U.N. report last month from hundreds of scientists and government officials said global warming in “very likely” caused by mankind and climate change will continue for centuries even if heat-trapping gases are reduced. That report was approved by 113 nations including the United States.”

Printed in the Spokesman Review March 4, 2007

Hearing the government fess-up is encouraging, but don’t wait for the government to take action; make your personal and business life green; it will make a difference!

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