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The Green Business Association

is a membership organization for companies that are making the effort to save our environment. To join, a company needs to qualify by incorporating at least three items from our "green"* list below.

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Eco Depot - Building Materials and Other Services - www.ecodepotinc.comPlatinum rating
The Magic Lantern Theatre - Art House Cinema - Spokane, WA - www.magiclantern.orgSilver rating
Design Spike - Web Design services - www.designspike.comSilver rating
Zeck Butler Architects, PS - Specializing in LEED certified and Evergreen Standard sustainable buildings. - www.zeckbutler.comSilver rating
Green Businesses, LLC - Promotes businesses that are green. - www.greenbusinesses.netGold rating
CMF Distribution - Wholesale supplier of pipes, valves, fittings, wire and accessories for the construction of Irrigation, Waterworks, Industrial, Natural Gas, Petroleum, and Fire Protection Systems - www.cmfdistribution.comSilver rating
LandHouseHome.com - Real Estate Eastern Washington - www.landhousehome.comSilver rating
Clean Our Oceans - Dedicated to cleaning plastic and other pollution from our oceans - www.cleanouroceans.orgSilver rating
DSPP LLC - A consulting firm that consults and trains on ERP products such as SAP. - Platinum rating
Life Coach 22, LLC - Alex from Life Coach 22 specializes in being a life coach to people in the international community, ex-pats, families speaking more than one language at home and Americans going abroad. - www.lifecoach22.comPlatinum rating
EcoDirect - EcoDirect is dedicated to creating awareness of and delivering renewable energy, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient products to the global market. Our online store offers a variety of products that will reduce your energy consumption, generate - www.EcoDirect.com Platinum rating

Is Your Business "Green"
*How to Join-Are you Silver, Gold or Platinum?

Let us know by email what your company is doing to be green, based on the below criteria. Please send to: gogreen@greenbusinesses.net. Membership is$60 per year for non-profit organizations, $120 per year for companies with revenue less than $2,000,000 per year and $600 for companies with revenue greater than $2,000,000 per year. Membership includes a listing on the Green Business Association page with your company name, type of business and GBA rating, a detailed listing in our Green Businesses Directory and a Green Businesses Association logo to place on your website and/or  use on printed materials.

  • 1. Does your company use renewable energy sources such as solar panels and/or wind power or purchase renewable energy from a utility company? Does your building tap into geothermal energy? Has your company replaced incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent or LED lights?
  • 2. Does your company sell components used in the construction of green buildings or in water conservation?
  • 3. Does your company recycle paper, glass and plastic?
  • 4. Is your company “paperless.” Have you eliminated paper and Styrofoam cups from break rooms?
  • 5. Does your company have an incentive program encouraging employees to carpool, walk, bike or use public transportation to get to work? Do you have extra convenient parking spaces reserved for hybrid, electric or carpool vehicles? Do some employees work from home?
  • 6. Is your building a LEED certified, Evergreen Standard structure, or Energy Star certified building?
  • 7. Do you use non-polluting cleaning products?
  • 8. Does your company save on water usage with sustainable landscaping and/or improved water saving laundry practices?
  • 9. Does your company use electric or hybrid vehicles?
If you answered "yes" to at least three items on this list, then you are considered a Green Business. We will list what you are doing to be green as part of your directory listing. We encourage your company to use as many of these practices as possible and to upgrade your rating whenever possible.
  • Silver Rating: If your company incorporates three items from the above list.
  • Gold Rating: If your company incorporates four items from the above list.
  • Platinum Rating: If your company incorporates five or more items from the above list.
Membership dues are:
  • $60 per year for non-profit organizations
  • $120 per year for businesses with revenue less than $2,000,000 per year
  • $600 per year for businesses with revenue greater than or equal to $2,000,000 per year