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February 8, 2008

Puffy Stuff plans to sell 100-percent recyclable packaging peanuts
Nashville Business Journal - by Jim Stinson Nashville Business Journal

Todd Stringer, Nashville Business Journal
Rod Atkins, Puffy Stuff VP, and Southeast sales manager Donovan Damme

An East Nashville company is seeking to grab hold of a share of the $5 billion packaging material market by selling fully recyclable shipping peanuts.

Rod Atkins, vice president of Puffy Stuff, a soon-to-be formed LLC, says his company will sell 100-percent recyclable "loose fill," or packaging peanuts.

Atkins and business partner Cheryl Riddle have invested $250,000 and have already lined up customers.

Mostly made of grain sorghum, or milo, the three-ingredient peanuts dissolve quickly and harmlessly, Atkins says. Learn more...

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